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Ask A Biologist

Hi Joseph,

What’s the dose of B12 you are now taking? What form is it in. There are guidelines for supplementation doctors are now supposed to follow in the US and the UK if a patient even just shows signs of B12 deficiency; however, most of them never even heard of B12, kit seems. The Pernicious Anemia Society probably have links. You could then print them out to show your doctor.


Cheryl says

Yes. I agree with you Ian.



Everyone needs more B12 than average. Though there are B12 vitamins that are made from non-animal sources, there are hardly many sources of B12. If you are privy to such sources, how about being specific.

Eat meat or don’t, but don’t make vague statements. Being B12 deficient has really taken a toll on me. I did not know I was deficient until everything started going…I could not think, remember anything, walk without sever pain, or see straight. I could not walk without bumping into walls and felt dizzy all the time. Now I have uncontrolled blood pressure, asthma and a hyperactive thyroid, and I wonder if it is because of being low on B12 for years. It’s real, not propaganda.


Amanda says

I notice from my recent testing that B12 is now being measured in total and ACTIVE form. If my TOTAL B12 is very low but ACTIVe B12c is low-normal, what is that telling me? I’m totally confused but I definitely am suffering from several symptoms of deficiency.


Stephen Trapp says

Red Star nutritional yeast T-6635 is a Vegan source of B12, 1 Tablespoon supplies the adult RDA. I have been Vegan for 11 years, and DO NOT have a deficiency. This makes me wonder about the data presented.


Ana says

It’s great that the nutritional yeast works for you. That may be an excellent choice, and much less expensive, I might add. Yeast, however, can be allergenic for people with mold sensitivities. Also, some people with gut problems are quite sensitive to yeast products. My allergies to mold and yeast came well before the low b12. As healthy as yeast products are for many people, I wouldn’t take a chance. The methyl B12 shots work for me.

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Jenn says


Austin city life since 2007.

You are here: / / Statesman Sale Shines Spotlight on South Central Waterfront’s Future
: statesman south central waterfront project catalyst

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An illustration from the city’s South Central Waterfront Initiative Vision Plan, showing dense development south of the river at the current offices of the Austin American-Statesman and surrounding properties. Image courtesy of the City of Austin.

On Halloween earlier this week, we learned that Cox Media Group, owners of the Austin American-Statesman since 1976, have put the newspaper up for sale. It’s not a particularly spooky news item unless you’re a journalist concerned about the uncertain future of Austin’s paper of record, but it draws attention to another interesting possibility: the development of the Statesman’s current headquarters and printing facility, a site occupying nearly 19 acres (that’s roughly 10 city blocks!) of prime land just south of the river from downtown at 305 South Congress Avenue.

Cox Media Group, Austin American-Statesman 19 acres 305 South Congress Avenue.

Cox Enterprises, the parent company of Cox Media, sold the property back in 2015 to an entity comprised of members of the Cox family, sparking rumors that development of the site was on the horizon. In January of this year, the owners announced their choice of local developer Endeavor Real Estate Group as a partner for future redevelopment. You may remember the folks at Endeavor from…well, just about everything in town, but their most prominent development might be the Domain, which continues to take over North Austin year after year with more growth coming.

Cox Enterprises, Endeavor Real Estate Group

The sign at the Austin American-Statesman HQ, with TxDOT office buildings in the background. Photo by James Rambin.

The Statesman site alone adds up to 18.9 acres, but the office properties just south of the plot and north of East Riverside Drive could also be in the crosshairs. The buildings are currently occupied by the Texas Department of Transportation, and sit on about 11 additional acres just next door to the newspaper. They’re also owned by a single entity: Mae Crockett Partners, LTD. The possibilities of either a sale to combine both plots or a partnership to develop the roughly 30 total acres held between the two owners is hard to ignore.

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Vincent Oliveira
CTO @TillerSystems - CQRS/Event Sourcing lover - AWS enthousiast

Use case — TillerPOS

Tiller is a smart POS on iPad with a powerful cloud-based back-office to analyze sales. As a cash register application, we must save everything that appends on the application. Event sourcing/CQRS fit perfectly our need as I said in this article: (in French).

Our clients are mainly restaurants. They often use many POS (up to one per waiter) to be more efficient in taking order. Unfortunately, iPads are occasionally disconnected devices (or occasionally connected devices), and we need to work offline. In this article, I will explain to you all the issues that we encountered and how we fixed them to build an efficient and reliable synchronization mechanism.

Sending commands and getting readmodels

As any CQRS systems, we tried to send command from the iPads to the servers. Server applies the domain rules, generates event and projects read models. Then the iPads get the read models and display them locally.

This systems face a serious problem: it need a stable internet connection: the POS needs a response from the server to get and display the read models. As iPads are not always connected, we needed to find a solution.

Sending commands and gettingevents

To solve this problems, we decided to duplicate the CQRS domain part into our mobile application. The goal was to let the iPad generate their own read models before getting any answer from the server. To be able to apply the domain locally in every devices, we need these devices to get every generated events. So we created an API to get event list.

At this stage, iPads still send commands to the server. But it now gets the synchronized event list back. We arbitrary choose that the server was master in case of conflict. Once synchronized, the iPads erase their local event and project read models by replaying server events.

This architecture has a very good side effect: it allow the POS and the analytics platform to have different read models. But it suffers of some offline concurrency problems when two devices are editing in the same time the same resource. The server can reject some commands that were accepted by the local domain. How to be sure to have the right data when the local event store and the main event store can be different?

Sending events

That's why we made a very small change to this architecture. Commands are intended so they can be rejected. We assume that if this event has been accepted by the local domain it is now considered as happened. So we update our synchronisation mechanism by sending events instead of commands. That insures that the main database stores every single generated event. With a good conflict resolution layer (see this solution is now quite reliable.

The last problem we face was about scalability. How to be sure to handle up to 5.000 events per seconds during rush hour without loosing any data. Conflict resolution are very heavy and not so efficient. We needed to find a solution that allowed us to scale up.

Sending Accounting ReadModels

I think this was one of the hardest decision I made as a CTO. But we decided to accept our system can’t always be consistent . How is it possible to have an inconsistent POS system?

First, I need to explain you a little bit more about our business. An order has a a lifecycle:

As I said, we assume that we can have inconsistent orders during their hot period. I mean, we can have different state of the same order during the hot period. But when a waiter closes an order, we need to freeze its state and save it. We added a service to synchronize the final order state read model and save it in the cold order database.

With this final steps, we split the operational part where the event sourcing is the best solution so far and the accountant/analytics part where the data is immutable.


You now understand the path we took to build a reliable architecture to synchronize our POS and save every transaction from a naive CQRS approach to a very powerful implementation.

There are a lot of small adjustment I voluntary hide from this article.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

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Disorders of the motor programming of speech ( Fig. 1 ) have a different clinical significance from true word-finding difficulty. Nevertheless such deficits frequently co-occur, and this assists in anatomical localization and diagnosis. Here we consider these deficits at some length, because they are difficult to characterize with precision and because they entail several concepts which continue to stimulate controversy in the literature on progressive aphasias. One example is apraxia of speech (AOS). This term has been used to describe a motor speech disorder which (by analogy with other ‘apraxias’) can be defined operationally as impairment of the motor gestures of speech that is not attributable to a primary motor deficit (Darley, 1969 ; Ogar et al ., 2005 ). Although the cognitive basis of AOS remains controversial, it is likely to arise at the level of cortical programming of phonetics, the step in speech production where the phonological structure is converted into an ‘articulatory score’ that directs the relevant muscles of the vocal tract to produce the word or phrase. AOS is probably therefore synonymous with phonetic breakdown or disintegration. The characteristic features of AOS are slow speech rate with hesitancy (difficulty initiating utterances), effortfulness (with articulatory groping, i.e. multiple attempts at trying to get to the right word and self-correction, worse with longer words), phonetic errors (errors in the shaping, timing and ordering of individual syllables) and dysprosody (abnormal rhythm, stress and intonation, attributable to poor phonetic sequencing rather than a primary prosodic deficit) (Dabul, 2000 ; Duffy, 2005 ; Ogar et al ., 2005 ; Duffy, 2006 ). Patients may describe the problem as a stutter or stammer and there may be re-emergence of a childhood stutter. In a recent review of AOS in degenerative disease, only 10% of cases occurred in an isolated fashion, independently of aphasia or dysarthria (Duffy, 2006 ). It is associated particularly with PNFA (Josephs et al ., 2006 a ; Duffy, 2006 ).

In principle, phonetic errors (errors in the execution of a programmed speech sound) are distinct from phonemic errors (errors in the selection of speech sounds to be executed): speech sounds may be selected correctly during the programming of an utterance but then articulated incorrectly or conversely, speech sounds may be selected incorrectly but then articulated correctly. However, in practice this is a difficult distinction to make at the bedside, and the two types of error frequently coexist. Clues to phonetic errors include the presence of distortions (commonly either distorted substitutions e.g. ‘brop-er-ty’ for the target word ‘property’, or additions e.g. prop-er-ta-ty’) and the co-occurrence of other features of AOS. This is in contrast to patients with pure phonological or phonemic breakdown: true phonemic errors are not distorted and speech is not effortful (Caramazza et al ., 2000 ).

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